Commercial Property

Commercial Property Marketing Using Drones


As commercial agents if you are selling or leasing commercial property, there is now a cost effective way to produce stunning aerial photos and videos of offices, retail parks, industrial units, factories, farms and land.


Drone Photography services use drone quadcopters (UAV’s - unmanned aerial vehicles) equipped with the latest cameras to capture 20 megapixel images and Ultra-HD 4K videos from the air.  Our aerial drones can fly up to 400ft taking smooth and detailed footage of your commercial property.  This footage is up to date and more detailed that satellite data collected from Google Earth or Google Maps.

Drone Photography Services employ our own in-house editors using professional Adobe photo and video editing software.  We can overlay our aerial images and video footage to incorporate your corporate image or design, to show the commercial property you are marketing in the best light.

Also we often provide unedited images and video to client’s PR & Advertising agencies for inclusion in a coordinated marketing and media campaign.



Our commercial property aerial photography can easily show the complete picture - car parks, land boundaries, road access and will give potential purchasers a clear insight and overview, setting your property marketing ahead of other competing commercial agents.